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Carpet Cleaning Medway

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Medway

Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Medway? Many people we speak to have tried various stain removers and even hired carpet cleaning machines such as rug doctor with little success. Shop bought carpet cleaning sprays sometimes work, however they can leave patches on your carpets, and after a while, the residue can collect more dirt than before. Likewise, lower grade carpet cleaning equipment does not have the power to remove tougher stains and soiling, and will often leave your carpets extremely wet, sometimes taking days to dry, allowing bacteria and mould to grow in your carpets.

You will not pay more than your estimate!

We’re a professional carpet cleaning company in Medway

Impulse cleaning specialise in professional cleaning. With over 15 years of experience and specialist equipment we can remove stains that you might have thought to be permanent.

We use professional carpet cleaning machines that use heated water treated with chemically sensitive cleaners to penetrate deep into your carpet fibres and blast away even the most stubborn dirt and stains. This process is then followed by a high powered vacuum to remove 99% of the water from your carpets.

The result of using only professional industrial grade carpet cleaning equipment is that your carpets will be as clean as the day they were fitted, free from stains, odours and bacteria and they will be dry in as little as 1 hour.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are required lift stubborn stains and leave your carpets hygienically clean. The carpet cleaning chemicals we use are completely odour free and safe for chemically sensitive individuals. Please let us know of any special requirements when enquiring so we can ensure that we use the correct chemicals for you, your family and your pets.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and experienced meaning they know the best techniques to bring your carpets back to life causing no damage or adverse effects.

We are fully insured, so in the extremely unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we have you covered.

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment In Action

Watch the video below to see us banishing dirt and stains from a light coloured carpet in Medway.

The Carpet Cleaning Equipment We Use

We use the best professional carpet cleaning equipment to ensure your carpets are left in perfect condition.

Our carpet cleaning process

Step 1

Firstly we carryout a full assessment of the areas to be cleaned and furniture to be moved.

Step 2

We then remove or reposition your furniture as applicable using sliders to prevent any damage to you floors or furniture. We will also apply protection to your furniture as appropriate.

Step 3

We then extensively pre-vacuum to room to be cleaned. We use specialist equipment that combines dry dirt and dust particles with a liquid spray to prevent it becoming airborne and preventing these particles from re-soiling your carpets.

Step 4

In areas where there is heavy soiling, or particularly resilient stains including; walkways, heavy traffic areas and pet areas, we will pre-spray with our 100% natural stain removal solution.

Step 5

We then use our state of the art carpet cleaning machines to jet heated water into your carpets at up-to 400psi (approx. 10X the pressure inside a car tyre) this lifts the stains from the carpet fibres. Within an instant our water extraction equipment removes 99% of this dirty water from your carpets.

Step 6

We then use a fresh water rinse to remove any residue from chemicals used. This step is key to the longevity of your clean carpets as any remaining residue can allow dirt to rebind to your carpet fibres and can allow micro-organisms to breed. At this stage your carpets will be fully cleaned and should be dry within an hour.

Step 7

In situations where carpets are thicker or more absorbent we may not be able to extract all of the water using vacuums alone. This is when we use our specialist turbo drying equipment to ensure that you carpets are dry and ready to use.

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