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Professional Rochester Carpet Cleaning

Are you in the Rochester area and need your carpets cleaned? If you tried yourself, you’re more than likely in need of professional Rochester Carpet Cleaning. People often say they didn’t achieve the results they wanted when they washed their carpets themselves. Using shop-bought carpet cleaning sprays or stain removers can sometimes cause a more considerable build-up of dirt than before, and hiring low-grade carpet cleaning machines may result in mould growth. If you want to avoid these risks and have fresh, clean carpets with zero hassle, get in touch with us today!

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Rochester Carpet Cleaning to a Professional Standard

We’ve been professionally cleaning carpets in and around the Rochester area for 15 years. Our Rochester Carpet Cleaning technicians are all highly trained, and Impulse Cleaning is a fully insured company, so if anything were to go wrong, we’ve got you covered. We use specialist equipment to ensure your carpets end up looking like they did the day they were fitted. Our team start with hot water combined with chemically sensitive products to blast away the dirt ingrained in the carpet fibres, then use our powerful vacuum to get rid of 99% of the water and dirt.

Why Do You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Not cleaning your carpets can lead to deterioration, be unhygienic, and even lead to health problems for you and your family. Trying to clean your carpets yourself won’t have the same impact as having them cleaned professionally, as you won’t be able to find the specialist equipment required to create the results we do. If you need your carpets cleaned, get in touch with us today.

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment In Action

Watch the video below to see us banishing dirt and stains from a light coloured carpet in Medway.

The Carpet Cleaning Equipment We Use

We use the best professional carpet cleaning equipment to ensure your carpets are left in perfect condition.

Our Carpet Cleaning in Rochester Process

Step 1 – Assessment of the Room

Before we begin cleaning your carpets, we assess the rooms. This involves the stains themselves and the furniture that’ll require moving to carry out the cleaning without damage. 

Step 2 – Temporary Furniture Relocation

Following our assessment, we reposition your furniture. To avoid damage during the temporary relocation to your carpet and furniture, we use sliders. In some cases, we provide additional protection by covering your furniture.

Step 3 – Pre-Cleaning Your Room

Now we’ve relocated and protected your furniture; we perform a pre-clean of your room. This entails extensively pre-vacuuming your room. In addition, we use specialist equipment and liquid spray to prevent dry dirt and dust particles from becoming airborne and re-soiling your carpet.

Step 4 – Additional Cleaning

In some areas of your carpet, there’s heavy traffic. For example, walkways or pet areas. In this case, we pre-spray the resilient stains with 100% natural stain removal solution. 

Step 5 – Using Our Rochester Carpet Cleaning Machine

Now the pre-clean is done, we commence using our state of the art carpet cleaning machine. It jets heated water into your carpets at a pressure of up to 400psi, which is 10x the pressure inside a car tyre. As a result, we can lift the stains from your carpet’s fibres. Our water extraction equipment removes 99% of this dirty water from your carpet within a few seconds.

Step 6 – Cleaning the Clean

Our typically last stage is using fresh water to rinse any remaining residue from the chemicals we used in the previous stages. It’s a vital step as it improves the longevity of your carpets. Any leftover residue increases the likelihood of your carpet becoming soiled and dirty again. Only 1 hour to dry from here.

Step 7 – Solution for Thicker Carpets

In situations where carpets are thicker or more absorbent, we may not extract all of the water using vacuums alone. This is when we use our specialist turbo drying equipment to ensure that your carpets are dry and ready to use.


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