Stain Spot Removal

Professional Stain Spot Removal

At Impulse cleaning we understand that accidents happen and we are just as happy to arrive at your home or office to treat a spillage or stain as we are to clean a carpet or suite.

From pet stains to red wine, from chewing gum to make up and from chocolate to vomit, we have dealt with many stains in many properties and we always spend plenty of time on our hands and knees making sure that we have done our best to treat the stains before we leave.

Pet stains are particularly tricky for householders and they require additional specialist treatment which we provide. This includes urine neutralisation which standard carpet cleaning does not do as it requires specific, targeted treatment and deodorising specific to body fluids.

Please remember though that not all stains can be removed and we will advise each customer individually upon assessment of the stains in question.

You will not pay more than your estimate!

Stain Protection

  • A high concentrate water-based stain protector with Allergyshield, a proven solution to the major cause of allergies. Formulated to resist staining, soiling and wear on carpets, upholstery and fine fabrics.
  • Now with added Allergyshield (ACTIGARD). A proven solution to the major cause of allergies. Will eradicate and protect against further pre-creation of dust mites and the growth of fungal moulds and bacteria. Will also kill most other infestations including fleas, bed bugs, moths, cockroaches etc.
  • Long-Lasting Properties. Unlike other products that have a time-limited lifespan, Allergyshield (ACTIGARD) remains effective continuously. As with ALL products of this type, a thorough washing process will remove them and they should be re-applied for continuous protection.
  • Product is ready-to-use – do not dilute. 5 Ltrs will cover approximately 70-80 square metres of grade 4 carpet or 140-150 square metres of fabric. A double application is required for dense heavy duty wool carpets or rugs.
  • Use SOLVENT based product – for all new fabrics on the frame, natural cellulose fabrics and fibres (for example – viscose, jute, seagrass etc), high-sheen rugs and any items recommended for dry-cleaning only.
  • Use WATER based product – for carpets including natural wool, mixture and synthetics plus wet-cleanable fabrics.

    Note – neither product will affect any inherent fire-retardant properties. Both SOLVENT and WATER based products can be used on freshly cleaned touch-damp items.

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